The charter transparency program has been designed to ensure you receive the best price for a charter flight. This is a simple contractual program that does not require you to put money on deposit, it is a simple fee based program. By utilizing the transparency program it provides you with the piece of mind that you are not being over charged and eliminates the time wasted by you or your assistant calling around to multiple charter brokers or retail charter companies for multiple quotes. The standard jet brokers charge double the fees with performing less work and when they are able to negotiate down the trip cost it is rarely passed along. Transparency is what every consumer should have when dealing with a service and that is what Endeavor Global Group provides to its clientèle. This unique approach has allowed end users to not only lower the annual aviation budget but does not require multiple brokers to compete against each other. By eliminating the competition of over quoting a charter company will allow Endeavor Global Group to utilize its years of relationships to negotiate down the price of your ideal option below the initial quoted price and these negotiated prices favor pre-payment. Domestic Flight Fees 7% of total trip cost of quote 50% of the savings from negotiations 10% on empty leg flights International Flight Fees 10% of total trip cost of quote 50% of the savings from negotiations 13% on empty leg flights
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Endeavor Global Aviation is an Endeavor Global Group company.  EGA is an agent for its clients, arranges flights on aircraft operated by FAR Part 135 or 121 air carriers or foreign equivalent ("Operators"), who shall maintain full operational control of charter flights at all times. Operators providing services must meet FAA or JAR safety requirements